LiveRoof Childress Farm Manager

Position Summary

LiveRoof Childress Farm Manager

Job Summary

 The Childress Farm Manager generally reports to the Operations Manager, but may be assigned to another department if their assistance is needed in other areas or divisions. The farm manager will work to maintain the LiveRoof stock fields to maximize quality and volume of cuttings available as well as manage modules from production through shipment to ensure the finished product is populated sufficiently and produced and shipped on time. This position will also be in charge of facility/property maintenance/upkeep, as well as horticultural advisement to the maintenance of installed roofs.

About Us

Riverbend Nursery is a progressive, container wholesale growing operation that sells Select BIG Tag Groundcovers, Perennials, Ferns, Herbs and Ornamental Grasses; Jeepers Creepers, Gilbertie's Herbs, and LiveRoof prevegetated green roof modules to retailers, landscapers, and re-wholesalers.

Essential Functions

Work Activities:
• Report any problems, needed supplies, damaged equipment, pests, disease concerns immediately to the Operations Manager
• Work efficiently at every task performed to save time and money
• Direct team leads and crew members as needed
• Turn in crew time sheets to Office Manager daily
• Turn in production numbers (schedules) and pull reports daily
• Evaluate water needs of LR stock and modules on a daily basis and schedule accordingly with the help of the Head Grower/Operations Manager
• Perform fertility tests on stock beds as needed and plan accordingly based on readings
• Scan Stock beds on a weekly basis during growing season and relay information to the LiveRoof Director of Sales.
• Evaluate weed populations in LR stock fields on a weekly basis and complete sprays, weed and request weeding hours to control
• Supervise and work with LR cutback crew to ensure cuts are at appropriate height and plant quality is maintained
• Supervise and work with LR fill and plant crews to ensure that production is completed on time, in correct quantity and plant quality is maintained
• Supervise and work with LR distribution crew to ensure that modules are shipped on time and in correct quantity, maintaining high quality of delivered material
• Walk newer LR production areas daily for irrigation issues and to determine if current schedule is adequate
• Uses tractor and spreader to apply fertilizers and pesticides as needed.
• Perform maintenance activities as needed at each facility.
• Work for the Maintenance/Distribution departments during slower times of the year
• Help transport equipment between properties
• Assist in shipping, maintenance and other departments during busy seasons as needed.
• Other duties as assigned

Tools & Equipment Used

• pH/EC meter
• Dosatron and Scales
• Farm tractor & golf cart
• Gas powered and manual sheers
• Computer
• Spray equipment
• Box truck
• Module filler
• Module puller
• Telehandler
• Skidsteer
• Forklift
• Barcode Scanner

Job Context

The Farm Manager generally works an 8 hour day with two 30-minute breaks Monday through Friday and will monitor LiveRoof module production on the weekends as needed. At times the work day may be extended to 10 hours or reduced to less than 8 hours (winter). The work environment is both inside the office and outdoors in the field. The Farm Manager needs the ability to lift and carry up to 60 pounds over uneven terrain, visually inspect plants, squat, bend, and stand repeatedly throughout the day, work outdoors in all weather conditions, and hear within an adequate range to respond to radio communications, and/or within a range to hear approaching equipment in areas of limited sight, or from behind, below, or above. Stress fluctuates from low to moderate due to seasonal time pressures.


Upon Hire

• Ability to take verbal and written instructions in English
• Ability to record written information
• Ability to work on a team
• Ability to supervise a team, coach as needed, and set and ensure goals are met by team
• Ability to do physical labor in all types of weather conditions
• Ability to visually inspect plant material for weeds, pests, nutrient deficiencies or disease
• Ability to prepare, calculate and analyze information and research and present solutions
• Horticulture or similar degree or equivalent experience that allows them to understand the science of growing plants
• Must have a valid driver’s license to travel to off-site to fields
• Computer & Cellular phone experience

After Hire

• Perform soil and water tests
• Navigate inventory system to create reports
• Understand proper watering practices
• Operate and understand manual and automated watering systems
• Obtain Pesticide applicator certificate
• Drive: Box truck, Telehandler, Tractor
• Basic understanding/communication of verbal Spanish
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