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The First and Only Hybrid Green Roof System, LiveRoof® combines (hybridizes) the best features of all green roof systems: ► Speed of Installation of Modularity ► Natural Function and Natural Beauty of Built-In-Place Systems ► Prevegetation of Carpet Systems ► Material Diversity of 2.5 - 6" Deep Systems Riverbend not only grows and delivers the system, we also provide design and plant selection assistance and installation training. Please contact your Sales Representative today for additional information.

Additional Information

  • LiveRoof Design Guide - go here for a simple tool to start designing your roof - http://www.liveroof.com/designguide/
  • Instant green roof – modules arrive at the job site fully vegetated.
  • Invisible Modules - modules are subterranean for an instantly mature monolithic green roof.
  • Saves money – minimal maintenance compared to other methods.
  • Immediate benefits – mature plants generate instant evaporative cooling effect, maximum storm water detention, and optimal aesthetic. No need to wait years for all the benefits of a green roof.
  • Easy to handle – needs only one person to carry.

Recently, Riverbend and LiveRoof® were featured on The Emerald Planet television program. To watch the broadcast, please click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZQyhbCdr1Q&feature=youtu.be&t=45m30s

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