The First and Only Hybrid Green Roof System, LiveRoof® combines (hybridizes) the best features of all green roof systems: ► Speed of Installation of Modularity ► Natural Function and Natural Beauty of Built-In-Place Systems ► Prevegetation of Carpet Systems ► Material Diversity of 2.5 - 6" Deep Systems Riverbend not only grows and delivers the system, we also provide design and plant selection assistance and installation training. Please contact your Sales Representative today for additional information.
  • LiveRoof Design Guide - go here for a simple tool to start designing your roof -
  • Instant green roof – modules arrive at the job site fully vegetated.
  • Invisible Modules - modules are subterranean for an instantly mature monolithic green roof.
  • Saves money – minimal maintenance compared to other methods.
  • Immediate benefits – mature plants generate instant evaporative cooling effect, maximum storm water detention, and optimal aesthetic. No need to wait years for all the benefits of a green roof.
  • Easy to handle – needs only one person to carry.
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