The B.I.G Tag™

The Name says it all - Big Informative Guide

Big Tag is the silent salesperson's tool to increase sales and customer confidence and has the gardener's guide, which provides the customer with quality information for successful planting. The Big Tag is also great for landscape customers as a reference key for their newly installed designs.
The Big Tag™ Features Include:
  • Large color picture of the perennial
  • Common and botanical names
  • Easy-to-find light requirement information
  • Outstanding features and companion plants
  • Complete planting information
  • Landscape design tips
The large tags are provided for our quart and gallon-sized materials while the 2.5" ground cover line has smaller tags. The B.I.G. Tag ™ is available in almost all perennial varieties grown by Riverbend and is only provided with the purchase of the plant.
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