Baptisia australis Baptisia australis

Blue False Indigo

Mazus reptans Mazus reptans


Tradescantia Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate' ('Blue & Gold')'


Salvia nemorosa Salvia nemorosa 'May Night'

Meadow Sage

Veronica spicata Veronica spicata 'Royal Candles'

Spike Speedwell

Tiarella cordifolia Tiarella cordifolia 'Brandywine'


Dicentra spectabilis Dicentra spectabilis

Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart

Hosta x tardiana Hosta x tardiana 'Halcyon'


Salvia nemorosa Salvia nemorosa 'Marcus'

Meadow Sage

Aquilegia vulgaris Aquilegia vulgaris 'Winky Double Red & White'


Aquilegia canadensis Aquilegia canadensis 'Little Lanterns'

Dwarf Red Columbine

Dicentra spectabilis Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba'

Bleeding Heart

Sagina subulata Sagina subulata

Irish Moss, Corsican Pearlwort

Sagina subulata Sagina subulata 'Aurea'

Scotch Moss

Lysimachia nummularia Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'

Creeping Jenny

Hosta Hosta 'Royal Standard'


Hosta Hosta 'Liberty'


Euphorbia polychroma Euphorbia polychroma

Cushion Spurge

Dianthus x Dianthus x 'Fire Star'


Aquilegia canadensis Aquilegia canadensis 'Corbett'

Gold Wild Columbine

Salvia leucantha Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara'

Mexican Bush Sage

Salvia nemorosa Salvia nemorosa 'Blue Hill'

Meadow Sage

Sedum rupestre Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'

Angelina Sedum

Delosperma congestum Delosperma congestum 'Gold Nugget'

Gold Hardy Ice Plant

Mazus reptans Mazus reptans 'Albus'

White Creeping Mazus

Lantana camara Lantana camara 'Miss Huff'

Miss Huff Lantana

Lilium asiatic Lilium asiatic 'Tiny Bee'

Asiatic Lily

Delosperma cooperi Delosperma cooperi 'John Proffitt (Table Mountain)'

Pink Ice Plant

Delosperma dyeri Delosperma dyeri

Ice Plant

Lilium asiatic Lilium asiatic 'Tiny Orange Sensation'

Asiatic Lily

Dianthus barbatus Dianthus barbatus 'Barbarini Mix'

Dwarf Sweet William

Baptisia Baptisia 'Blueberry Sundae'

False Indigo

Baptisia Baptisia 'Cherries Jubilee'

False Indigo

Baptisia Baptisia 'Dutch Chocolate'

False Indigo

Delosperma basuticum Delosperma basuticum

White-eyed Ice Plant

Baptisia Baptisia 'Lemon Meringue'

False Indigo

Dianthus Dianthus 'Apple Slice'


Dicentra spectablis Dicentra spectablis 'Valentine'

Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart

Hosta Hosta ''Mayflower Moon''

Plantain Lily

Lantana x hybrid Lantana x hybrid 'New Gold'

Hardy Lantana

Phlox subulata Phlox subulata ''Emerald Pink''

Creeping Phlox

Lilium asiatic Lilium asiatic 'Tiny Invader'

Asiatic Lily

Lillium asiatic Lillium asiatic 'Tiny Rocket'


Lillium asiatic Lillium asiatic 'Tiny Diamond'


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Riverbend Nursery (M.S.)

Hosta 'Royal Standard'


A beautiful hosta with smooth, rich green leaves. Fragrant white flowers bloom above medium-sized mounds of striking leaves. This hosta grows well in full sun. Excellent when used in mass or as a specimen.


20-24 Inches

Hardiness Zone:


Bloom Time:

early-mid summer

Bloom Color:


Hosta (hos'-ta)

Family: Liliaceae · Common Name: Plantain Lily, Funkia

Hostas come in a wide array of sizes, leaf colors and leaf shapes. Spikes of bell-shaped flowers are white or lavender and bloom spring and summer. Large hostas are stunning as accent plants. Small varieties are great in mixed plantings or rock gardens.

Characteristics & Attributes
Part sun
Soil Moisture Needs
Growth Rate in the Garden
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Bloom Color
Ground Cover
Tolerates wet sites
Water Requirements
Water weekly during dry spells
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