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Riverbend Nursery (AKW)

Pennisetum alopecuroides

Fountain Grass

A splendid ornamental grass with profuse, tawny-red flower plumes that bend outward gracefully. A must for any sunny garden. Flower plumes can be used in floral arrangements or left in the garden for winter interest. Great accent for pools or ponds.


36-48 Inches

Hardiness Zone:


Bloom Time:

Summer - Fall

Bloom Color:

Tawny red.

Pennisetum (pen-i-see'-tum)

Family: Poaceae · Common Name: Fountain Grass

This genus offers a nice selection of fountain grasses of various sizes and foliage and plume colors. The fuzzy foxtail plumes grace the arching stems in the early summer through the winter garden. Excellent for containers, borders and en mass plantings.

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