Part sun
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Drought Tolerant
Ground Cover
Water Requirements
Adapts well to dry or moist conditions
Riverbend Nursery (AKW)

Epimedium x rubrum


This magnificent ground cover produces crimson flowers and yellow spurs in spring and carpets the soil with a dense mat of red-margined, heart-shaped leaves. Bronzy-red fall color. Tolerant of dry, shaded locations.


8-12 Inches

Bloom Color:

Crimson and yellow.

Epimedium (ep-i-me'-di-um)

Family: Berberidaceae · Common Name: Bishop's Hat, Barrenwort

A profusion of delicate red, lilac, yellow or white flowers in spring. Beautiful foliage forms a dense ground cover beneath trees or on shaded banks. Begins to spread in second season.

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