Part sun
Nature Attraction
Tolerates wet sites
Good Cut Flowers
Water Requirements
Prefers consistent soil moisture
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Riverbend Nursery (AKW)

Lobelia siphilitica

Great Blue Lobelia

This North American native has beautiful blue to violet-blue flower spikes that rise above the medium-green foliage. Excellent for natural or wildflower gardens. A favorite of butterflies.


30 Inches

Bloom Color:

Blue to violet-blue.

Lobelia (lo-bee'-le-ah)

Family: Campanulaceae · Common Name: Cardinal Flower

Vibrant lobed flowers on slender spikes in shades of red, purple, blue or pink blooms from summer to fall. Narrow upright plants show best in groups of three or more. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Excellent for moist soils and lovely at water's e

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